Football Legends 2016

In the Football Legends 2016 game will take part the best players of the soccer championships.
Van Persie, Messi, Ronaldo and others, they will all play against each other to become real soccer legends.
Choose your team and go to battle! The game has a single player mode and for two.
In any of the modes there are sub-modes, such as a tournament or a simple match. So, after you choose your team and mode, you proceed to the game.
You only need to control one player who must score a goal against the opponent. Only 2 or 4 players take part in each match.
You always play only one of the players and are a striker, a goalkeeper and a defender at the same time.
Run, jump and execute accurate shots so that the ball flew into the opponent's goal.
Use your soccer player's super abilities, it can be a super hit or teleport.
You can use the bonus after a certain time, but this is very cool.
It's very cool that this game is also for 2 players, so you and your friend can play for one team! And this is doubly fun!
Have fun, play and try to score more goals to win.