Fungi game is a tactical io game. You need to grow your bacteria, improve it and try to dominate the map as much as possible!

The game goal in FungiIO is to create a thriving colony of bacteria that will later dominate the game space. The game is quite original, although from time to time similar mechanics are found in the environment of games. In any case, you can put a big plus for the developers for the gameplay and its smooth, high-quality implementation.

The players in Fungi game start with one bacteria. Click on it and see its reach range. If there are neutral cells in this radius, then you can suck the mass out of them. Just click on your bacterium, pull the thread to the enemy and release. If you release the click to an empty space, then a mass will flow from your cell and a new cell will be formed.

The most fun thing about Fungi game is that cells can be improved and in a collision with the enemy wins the cell that is more upgraded. And the special beauty of the game is that by moving the mass from cell to cell, settling the space, you form a global and very lively, pulsating organism that resists the invaders and conquers new lands. Try and play a game at a different angle!