is a new io game with a curious concept. First of all, it is an economic strategy. We will pump water earning cash. The more water we pump through the constructed pipe system, the more money you earn in the Gallons io.

Your task at Gallons io is to make as much money as possible. This can be done by pumping water from the ponds through the central pump. Choose a place for the pump carefully, because it will be impossible to move it later. And yet, if someone destroys your pump, you will immediately lose.

As you pump water in Gallons Io, you will see larger diameter pipes, more powerful weapons, defenses, and additional water treatment plants. The stations can be used for cleaning as well as for heating water, which has a positive effect on the flow rate through the pipes (the rate of money flow increases).

The water in the ponds in GallonsIO is not endless, so plan ahead that the water in the nearby waters will end one day and you will have to compete for resources with your neighbors. Everything is like in real life :)