Clicker Gatherx

In online clicker game "Gatherx", you will save the world. Do you remember the fairy tale "Jack and the Bean Tree"?
So now, you will become the main character of the continuation of this tale.
Once the defeated giants remained in the sky and could no longer reach the earth to the people.
But once the giants found magic beans and threw them on the ground in the hope that they would sprout again. A huge tree has grown and very soon it will reach with its tip straight to heaven.
At this time, the son of the legendary Jack passed by and decided to cut down a tree in order to save humanity from the invasion of the giants.
In the idle game "Gatherx" your character will be a little brave man.
The main goal of the game is to cut down a tree. To do this, you need to fish to recover your energy, sell fish and buy weapons and clothes for the stars received. Also, you can hire helpers who will fish, mine ore and chop wood. To hire an employee, buy something, eat or sell fish, you can use the icons in the top bar of the game.