is kind of mix of Agario and shooters. You choose a weapon, armor and go to the arena. You can also choose your color. At first, it will seem boring to play gats io, but when you try different combinations of weapons and level bonuses, you will realize that gatsio is unique in its kind. Gats io proves that in order for a shooter to succeed, 3D graphics and other bells and whistles are completely unnecessary. Simple graphics, a simple set of characteristics and multiplayer mode do the trick!

Your game task in Gats io is to kill other players and remain whole. In the TOP shows your achievements: points + number of frags. But even more interesting before the game: you have to choose a weapon and type of armor. Please note that each weapon in the gats has characteristics, and armor increases the severity of any weapon. This means that you will move more slowly, which in such a game significantly affects survival.
In the center of the map there is invariably a rectangle, entering in which you get points automatically, like the king of a hill. Points actually enroll there is not enough, but there is always a batch and shooting near the rectangle, so there is fun.
When you have a little life left - eat your health scattered here and there.