Gear Up

In the game "Gear Up" you will participate in street drag racing.

The main task will be passing races with a ride on a straight track.

You will compete with the best riders of the city who have very fast and cool cars.

To begin, you will need to win in several competitions to gain access to new cars and tracks.

Basically, there are 3 opponents in each race.

To win a race, one of the riders needs to come to the finish line first.

You can use any skills, abilities and means.

To make a good and quick start, you need to keep the tachometer needle on the green mark, and when the car starts off, you need to constantly monitor gear changes.

Timely raising the gear can give you a good leap forward, but if you change gear very early or very late, the opponent can overtake you.

Also, while driving in a straight line, you can drastically change the lane, thereby pushing the opponent's car and not letting him get ahead.

Pass all the tracks, buy new cars and improvements! Train, win and become the best racer in the style of "drag".

Good luck!