Golden Duel

Wild West where lawlessness and disorder always reigned.
But everything changed when sheriff Johnny Lowe came to power.
He took hold of all the local gangsters and hooligans.
Now there is peace and tranquility in Texas.
But sometimes wandering hunters come to claim the goods of others, or just gangsters from the road go there.
In such cases, Johnny picks up his revolver and quickly explains to the particularly cocky who is the boss.
In the Golden Duel game, your character will be Johnny Lowe.
You will continue your sacred duty and do not stop to protect their homes from troublemakers.
You have to spend a few duels with the villains.
Just remember the first rule.
You must hold the hand, in our case a mouse, on the revolver while the countdown is running.
Then instantly shoot at the gangster.
To reload the weapon, you will need to quickly click on the drum of the revolver and continue shooting.
Good luck!