Grand Truckismo

In the game " Grand Truckismo" you can take part in racing competitions on monster trucks.

To win, you have to win as many as 6 episodes of racing competitions in which the best riders participate.

You start from the bottom and will take participation in amateur races.

At the beginning, only one, the weakest car is available to you.

As you progress through the races, you will earn money, if you can certainly come to the finish line in the top three winners.

You can spend money to earn improving your cars or buying a new one.
During the race, you will need to overcome all sorts of obstacles, a bad road and barricades from cars, garbage cans and other items.

Your great truck is equipped with a nitro injection system to be able to accelerate to the right moment.
You can also use jumps during the ride.

With this ability, your truck will be able to fly over big obstacles, pits and even jump over precipices.
Unlock all 16 monster trucks and become the winner of the championship!