is an online io shooter in the style of a battle royale. Players parachute around a small town and find out who will be the only survivor.

The game goal in Gulch Io is the eliminating of all the rivals. The territory of the game is large, but gradually it narrows. You can exist inside the circle, and in the red zone you will gradually lose HP and die. The mini-map shows the path from you to the nearest edge of the safe zone. Go there and simultaneously collect weapons, ammunition, armor and first-aid kits. All this is useful to you in battle and after the battle.

From the armor in Gulchio there is a vest and helmet. Take a backpack (backpack), with it you will be able to hang on yourself more utilities. Weapon you can enhance the sight and the icon of the cog - this thing will reduce recoil and improve the fire sighting. But the trick is that the weapon amplifier applies only to one particular gun, and not all at once. Choose the weapon you like and enhance it purposefully.