Gumball: Snow Brawl 2

Santa sent Gumball a letter.
In it, he invited to participate in a snow battle.
Gumball took Darwin and Anais into his team and went to the competitions.
In addition to the Gumball team, there were many teams from other cartoons: Ben 10, Chowder, Powerpuff’s, Adventure Time, Flapjack and others.
Pickup snowballs and throw in rivals.
To win, you need to turn the entire team of the enemy into snowmen.
To do this, it is necessary to cause maximum damage to their health.
You can switch between your players and play further if someone from the team is beaten with snowballs.
With the help of different key combinations, you can make super throws and throw during the jump.
Press "Z" - make a throw, and press "X" - jump.
To switch between players of your team, press the "C" key.
For a super throw, press the "Z" key.
To throw in the jump, press the arrow keys and the combination "Z" + "X".
The remaining combinations can be found in the section "Play controls", right in the game.
To battle!