Halloween Basketball Legends

Today, the town will host the main competition of this year - Halloween Basketball Legends tournament.
All gloomy creatures are already in anticipation of a dynamic and steep spectacle.
In this fun and humorous game, you will be the main character. First you need to choose the number of your players.
You can play one, or you can make a mini team of two players. If you have chosen a team game, here you will find another surprise.
You can play against the computer, or you can call a friend to help and compete with him in the skill of a basketball game.
Once you decide on the difficulty mode, you should choose one of eight basketball players:
Jack - Lantern,
Count Dracula,
And Draculaura.

Each of these players has a special ability. You must take this into account.
And now let's play a little and show everyone who is the real basketball legend here!