Happy Wheels

Want to ride with the wind? Now you have a really hot trip.
 In the game "Happy Wheels", you will drive through crazy places, the same crazy racer.
The most important rider will be the grandfather in a wheelchair.
Time does not spare anyone, even the most dangerous and bloodthirsty gangsters.
Our grandpa was one in his youth.
Now he has become a disabled person with dull gray everyday life, which replace each other and everything in a circle.
But our grandfather does not agree with this situation and decides to go for it.
In the game "Happy Wheels", you will be a direct participant in a dizzying trip.
Before you will be an incredible track with a bunch of incredible designs.
A normal, adequate person will not even think to stick his nose on such a route, but does this apply to a crazy grandfather in a wheelchair? Of course not! Grandpa is ready to start and his enthusiasm can only be admired.
Ahead of you there are many obstacles that promise terrible injuries and fractures.
Try to maneuver among all designs and do not pay attention to damage.
On the way, the grandfather will have some damages and will constantly tear off his hands and feet.
Fountains of blood, severed limbs and crunch of bones are waiting for you in the game "Happy Wheels".
Good luck!