Hobo 2: Prison Brawl

The next chapter of legendary adventures of Hobo.
This time he went to jail and now he needs to get out at any cost.
The police should regret catching this homeless on the street.
Once during lunch, Hobo managed to arrange a fight.
Beat the prisoners, because they are all against you.
After that, guards and a bunch of police will come running to you.
Hobo will have to beat them all as it should.
You can use for hits everything that surrounds you, chair, bottle and so on.
You can even spit on your enemy, even use indecent tricks - everything is possible, you are a Hobo.
Roam all over the prison from room to room and make awesome brawls and fights.
At each step there will be cameras through which the police keep order, so be prepared to meet them at any moment.
As you progress through the game, Hobo will learn new abilities, now he can feel sick, and even worse.
Continue your escape and enjoy the game with a fun and brutal Hobo!