Hobo 6: Hell

Hobo's adventures continue and this time he went to hell.
After he got into space, oxygen ended up on an alien ship and Hobo died.
Now he has gone to hell, but his adventures continue.
He will have to fight with these hellish demons and devils, who certainly will not feel sorry for some homeless person.
The heated atmosphere of hell, everywhere fire, red ground and fire.
On the way you can meet different hellish creatures and even other people who went to hell.
As always, the hobo should rely only on himself, after all, no one will surely help him in hell.
Travel through the hot tunnels of the netherworld and kill everyone who comes your way.
The anger overwhelms the poor homeless and he learns more and more new combinations and funny blows.
On the way, pick up various items that you can throw at enemies.
Take Hobo to the end of hell, where he will meet Satan and try to avenge him for all his evil tricks.