Hobo 7: Heaven

After Hobo walked through hell and finished off with the Satan, he somehow went to heaven.
After that, he immediately fell asleep under a tree, he was happy that he had fallen in this wonderful place and hoped that at least here he would remain alone.
Suddenly, an angel appeared from nowhere, hit him and pointed to a sign that says "Heaven is not a place for Hobo".
Of course, it was a huge mistake, because Hobo got very angry again and showed the angel who is in charge here.
Apparently, after all the dirty deeds that Hobo has done in his life, the angels are not very happy to see him in heaven, so they are up in arms and are preparing to chase away the rotten bum.
Our hero will again have to get involved in a fight, but this time, he will fight with God's creatures - angels.
In these fierce battles Hobo will find even more abilities that will certainly need him.
Arrange a real macaque in heaven, you may have to meet with God himself, who is surely will hate the dirty Hobo.