Hobo Vs Zombies

Once, when the whole city was flooded with zombies, a single person survived on one of the dumps and it was a Hobo.
Imagine a fat, dirty and smelly Hobo, and now imagine that he was attacked by a whole crowd of zombies.
What will be his actions?
You are presented with a chance to test yourself as a hobo.
Beat off the zombie attacks that come to you from all sides.
You have the level of the hero pumped, a strip of life is added and new combo hits and fighting moves appear.
The best blows from a hobo are a punch and belly punch, try these tricks against zombies, they should not like it.
Also, a hobo can lift bottles, garbage barrels and other items for throwing zombies.
These evil creatures have greatly angered Hobo and now he does not stop until he destroys every single one.
A hobo is absolutely not ashamed to spit in the zombie face and make obscene sounds, because he is a Hobo!