Hockey Fury

Hockey is one of the most brutal and powerful sports games.
To play hockey you need to have a strong and tough character, because this sport only protects strong players.
In the game "Hockey Fury", you can throw out all your adrenaline right on the ice. To begin with, you have to choose the number of players.
You can play one, or you can take friends as rivals and arrange a real hockey match.
Then you have to choose one of three game modes: fast match, tournament or selective game.
During a quick match, you have to choose your team, then the opposing team and defeat them in several rounds.
You can play with or without a goalkeeper. In tournament mode you have to defeat several opposing teams and become a real champion. In the selective game You will automatically pick one of the two previous modes.
Then you should choose one of three difficulty levels and go ahead on the ice. Try to score more pucks than your opponent.
Watch the puck icon in the right corner carefully games.
When does it fill in AM will be available super hit.
Enjoy the game!