Hospital Trash

In this clicker game you have a hard time. Your character was declared bankrupt. A lot of debt, and arrived zero.
Creditors got wind of this and now the hero needs to earn ten million dollars in a day in some miraculous way. Our hero is decided on a very unpleasant income and you have to help him.
In the game "Hospital Trash", you go to a local hospital, or rather, to the garbage containers at the hospital.
First of all, go to the store and buy latex gloves, because digging in organs with your bare hands, at least not ethically, not to mention hygiene. Then you will click on the trash with the organs, and then you take it to hand over your prey to the factory.
There you can exchange organs for money. As you earn money, you will buy other items to speed up the process: gloves, respiratory masks, goggles, scalpels, scissors, saws and axes.