Idle Mining Co

In the distant times of the gold rush, many people could only raise their fortune through luck.
During the world madness at the gold mines, the case could decide the fate of a man and his family.
In the game "Idle Mining Co", you will become the owner of a profitable gold mine. To use all the resources of your property you need to hire workers, because without them it will not work.
At first, one worker will cost only twenty-five coins, but as the labor demands you will have to fork out, although these guys will bring you a considerable income.
Also, you should buy and improve tools and other items that are simply necessary for the functionality of the mine.
All this you can find in the upper block of the game. When you earn enough money, you will be able to purchase several mines that will generate a very large income.
They can be viewed and monitored with a magnifying glass icon. Great things are waiting for you!