Jurassic Mega Parking

The Jurassic Mega Parking Game is a cool 3D game in which you'll hone your parking skills.
During the Jurassic period, dinosaurs need to move valuable cargo for them.
They themselves can not carry the goods, so they hire transport companies that transport their cargo on special trucks.
In the game, you will drive a truck that carries cargo across the territory of the Jurassic Park.
This formed a real parking lot of cars that are constantly engaged in the transport of goods.
Parking in this area is quite difficult, as well as just moving on it.
Run under your control truck and proceed to the passage of levels.
The game has three levels of difficulty and in each level you will find 8 game levels.
In each level, your task will be to get to the designated place and park properly.
Along the way, you can collect coins to help you discover new trucks and new levels of difficulty.
In each level, you have only three lives, so move carefully so as not to encounter obstacles.
Come play and learn to park.
Good luck!