Justice Clicker

In the idle game Justice Clicker, you will go to the future, which can plunge into shock any person of our time.
Instead of flourishing provinces and developed megacities, the whole world has turned into an arena for survival.
This post-apocalyptic world is inhabited by bloodthirsty monsters and merciless robots.
To save all the surviving people, you must go on the warpath with enemies to defeat and revive the blooming world anew.
In Justice Clicker game, you will fight monsters.
To defeat them you need to quickly click on the terrible creatures with the mouse and collect the bonuses that the monsters leave after death.
By collecting these bonuses, you will increase your combat characteristics, which are on the panel in the left corner of the game.
You can pump over all characteristics at the same time or do it selectively. The higher your combat performance will be, the higher the percentage of winning with bosses, which can be found here very often.
Let justice prevail! Have a nice game!