Keeper of the Grove 3

The game "Keepers of the Grove 3" is a continuation of an excellent strategic game. The evil wizard wants to capture all the precious crystals that are inside the grove.
For this, he sends all of his subordinates: demons, orcs, sorcerers and other evil spirits.
To confront such dangerous enemies only the keepers of the grove! Build defensive towers around the perimeter of the path so that they automatically protect the map.
Thus, the forces of evil will not be able to steal the jewels, they will be destroyed right along the way. You will receive coins for the destruction of monsters that you can spend on acquiring New towers or their improvement. The main combat buildings for construction are: trees, water dragon, stone defender or iron man.
Each of the buildings has its advantages and complements the others.
For example, iron man sets fire to targets forcing them Screaming for a long time, the dragon - inflicts damage to enemies and additionally slows down their movement speed.
Try to build as many towers as possible to prevent enemies from passing.
The stolen crystals return to their place after the death of the enemy who took them.
To earn more money, you can cause the next wave ahead of time, unless of course you are confident in your abilities.
For convenience, you can double the speed of the game to quickly complete the current level.
Play and help the defenders protect the crystals.
Become a real keeper of the grove, and will not allow to materialize the plans of the evil wizard!