Kira's Revenge

Kira woke up in a great mood.
She slept well and diligently prepared for the school report.
The girl had breakfast and went to school.
Kira just entered the school, as a school hooligan knocked her down.
The girl fell right in the middle of the school corridor and her entire report flew apart.
Now the girl needs to collect all the sheets so as not to get bad grade.
In the game "Kira's Revenge", you will help the schoolgirl to collect her report by pages.
They scattered throughout the school and now they need to find.
But there is a small thing.
Many hooligans roam throughout the school and they will constantly interfere.
You need to be very careful with them, and it’s best not to run into them at all.
To replenish the supply of life you need to find a bonus in the form of a heart.
And for bonus points you need to collect candy and other sweets.
Help Kira to collect her report to get a good grade.
Have a nice game!