Kith and Kin Rescue

In the game "Kith and Kin Rescue," you will find yourself in the very epicenter of strange and mystical events.
Today, overnight, a large family was abducted.
All family members and even an old grumpy grandpa is missing.
What happened and how to free the family? All this will now fall on your shoulders, but we are sure that you will cope with this task brilliantly.
Ahead of you are waiting for several levels, where you have to show your intelligence, ingenuity and remarkable logical thinking.
First of all, try to find and remember all the clues that are on the level.
For example, to free a boy from a tree house you need to find three volcanic balls and place them in the cells of the castle.
Attention and observation will be your best colleagues in this game.
Help the family escape and be free again.
Enjoy the game and good luck!