Leon Sweet Secret

Frog Om Nom again goes on the hunt. And how do you think, what will our monsters hunt?
Well, of course, for sweets! In the game Leon Sweet Secret, you will fall under the real rain of yummies.
Multicolored candies will fall from the sky right on Om Nom's head.
This is really the real dream of any sweet tooth. You have to help the green baby catch as many candies as possible.
But not only sweets will fall from the sky, but also bad things.
Try not to catch the poop, so as not to poison Om Nom. Also, be careful and beware of falling refrigerators and evil dogs that will attack our gourmet.
If you are lucky enough to catch a magnet, the sweets themselves will get Om Nom in the mouth.
Make a sweet tooth a real tummy feast. Have a nice game!