Let's Journey

In the game Let's Jorney, you will play a country boy or girl. The village where our hero lives is at the edge of the forest. And in this forest a lot of evil spirits have been brought.
And so our young hero decided to overcome the forces of evil and restore peace and native lands.
To start your journey you need to click on the activation button in the lower right corner.
Then the character will run to the enemies. You need to click on the hero so that he would bang the undead and beat out not only spirit, but also money.
For this money, You will be able to improve the skills of your game. and in the "skills" menu. Sometimes after the enemies there will be very interesting items that will be very useful for you.
You can wear them and you can sell them. Here it’s all up to you. But it’s better to outfit the hero and continue to fight monsters. the ribbon of life will decrease.
Death does not mean the end of the game. After that, you will fully resurrect, but you will lose a certain part of your coins. But with a strong fist, this is a reversible loss.