Lordz.IO is an organic combination of different game mechanics in a completely unique game. You are required to gather a huge army for a serious fight with your opponents with a purpose of taking over the world.

The battle plan in LordzIO is to become the undisputed leader on the entire map. For this you need to build an army of great power. And in order to build an army, you need to increase the population limit to hire more soldiers. You can increase population limits by building houses. To prevent your houses from being destroyed, defend them with Towers. And to pay for all this you need gold, so collect gold coins on the map on every opportunity.

Lords IO logic is amazingly simple and powerful. The construction of buildings is limited. That means that each lord will have to find his own balance between the Houses and Towers; between a large limit of troops and the protection of their settlements.

Opponents armies are fighting in automatic mode. But you can click on the enemy lord, so that our army would attack him instead of everything else. The troops remaining after the death of the Lord will come under the control of the winner. After the defeat, the loser will be able to re-enter the game and start from without army but the buildings he owned will be his again.

If the troops are fighting in automatic mode with each other, then to destroy the enemy building you need to click on it and not release the mouse button until that building is destroyed. And as a tactical move in a battle with opponents, you can use the spacebar - your troops will split up, as in AgarIO. In this case, you can catch up with the fleeing opponent a lot easier or you can do this to simply increase coverage area for collecting gold coins.

The magical towers in the last upgrade damage the troops very hard, but they do not injure the Lord. Excellent protection against dragons!