Mahjong Classic

Today we want to bring to your attention a new puzzle game Classic Mahjongg.
In it, we will get to know you with a logical game that came to us from China.
It has several variations, but we will get acquainted with the classic rules of this game.
So, on the screen in front of us we will see the playing field.
Items will be placed on it.
At these sites will be applied various pictures.
Objects will be one on one and can even build various geometric shapes.
You need to carefully examine the entire field to find on it two objects with the same images on them.
Once you find such, select them with a mouse click.
They will light up and disappear from the screen and they will give you points for it.
This way you will clear the game Bole and earn points.
Just remember that all these manipulations must be carried out for a certain time, otherwise you just do not keep within and do not complete the task.
Classic Mahjongg is quite an interesting game with beautiful graphics.
All players will gladly spend their time playing it.
Just open Classic Mahjongg on our website and try your hand at solving this puzzle.