Max Fury: Death Racer

The game "Max Fury: Death Racer" was created based on the famous movie, the main character of which is Mad Max.
He constantly fight for freedom and his life, loves to drive cars and deal with enemies.
In this game you you will be in the role of Max and you will have to help him defeat all his rivals on the road of death.
At the beginning of the game you will be able to choose the simplest car on which you will pass the levels.
The task of each level is to destroy as many opponents as possible and arrive at the finish line first.
Making money you can improve your car.
Among the improvements there are: engine, wheels, weapons and vehicle protection. After complete bleeding, you can start saving money for a new car. All cars in the garage differ in type and characteristics, so you have to choose the one you like.
During the race you should try to do as many tricks as possible to earn nitro and destroy all rivals.
Use the weapon on the roof of your car to damage the riders running in front of you. Collect bonus boxes to get unique items : mines or mini-machine with explosives.
Max has to overtake 4 bosses, the last of which is his worst enemy Non-mortal Joe.
Can you help our hero to cope with all the difficulties? Let's check!