Minecraft Builder

Get ready for hard and very difficult work in the clicker game "Minecraft Builder".
Here you have to click a lot to achieve good results. Your main task is to get the most important resources, such as: wood, stone and food. All the resources you can spend on the creation of various items.
The meaning is simple, the more items - the better!
For each new item you create, you get an achievement and it's awesome!
From wood, you can make tools that will speed up the process of extracting resources, as well as weapons.
From time to time skeletons and creeps can attack you, if you have a weapon, you can easily fight off them. Animals, such as cows and chickens, provide healthy foods.
By collecting more resources, you can craft a new item. Some items require many different resources to create, so the Minecraft Builder game is quite complicated.
From the items you can even create the house.
All received items and created buildings can be downloaded to the client of the game Minecraft, which is really very cool!