You can see that is very similar with the high class game . But still it turned out to be an independent beautiful game that you just need to play and call your friends!

The battle task in Mini Giants IO is to become the coolest warrior in the history of the arena. You and other players do not fight for life, but to death, in the course of getting levels for kills and becoming steeper and more powerful. And for battles you get a prize gold, which can be spent in the nearest shop cool stuff. The distinct coolness of the MiniGiantsIO is that you can completely dress your hero here, as in RPG games. And the number of diverse characters just happy.

During the battle in MiniGiants io it is important to know two things. First, collect the chests; You will get gold and ammunition for them. Second - all the time replenish HP by collecting colored stones. Even high-leveled players can be hacked to one blow, if they have a little hp left. Therefore, find time not only for the battle, but also for the collection of health. In short, it turned out such a toy, which can be cut with friends even at school lessons!