Money Makers

You can become a millionaire even if you are an ordinary ordinary worker. That's just need a lot and work hard.
Also, it is always necessary to learn. This is an endless process, because there is no limit to perfection. So, are you ready to set foot on a path that promises you a good salary?
Then, we begin! In the Money Maker clicker game, you will start from scratch. First you need to find a job.
This can be done in the "Job" menu. There for a certain amount you will be hired. To earn money, you have to click on the dollar icon.
Also, you should carefully follow the strip of energy in the lower block of the game. When it ends, you can complete it by clicking on the icon with the zipper.
To improve your player, you must send him to school (School) and spend money on his education and training. To improve your financial situation, you need to earn five hundred dollars and open access to the bank.
Thus, you will be able to invest your investments, which in the future will work for your enrichment.
Then access to the exchange will open. There you can buy shares of famous companies. Since stock prices are constantly changing, you have to buy stocks at a low price and then sell them during a price increase.
The world of big money is waiting for you!