MooMoo.IO game from the developer of such a game as Drift io and Bloblo io. The game is very similar to Starve IO released later. Here you also need to collect resources, build a settlement and defend against other players. The main difference of MooMoo IO from Starve.IO is the lack of day and night, and the need to constantly replenish their strength - eat, warm up, etc.
On the one hand, it makes the game MooMoo IO easier, on the other hand, the game does not become less interesting! And someone even writes down the absence of factors complicating the gameplay to the unambiguous advantages of this game.
Your task in MooMoo IO is to collect resources scattered on the map, earn gold and build a settlement for protection. Upon reaching the second level you have to choose between an ax and a sword. The first allows you to get 2 units, the second deals more damage to the opponent. Here you need to decide which role you prefer: a getter or an invader / defender. Further upgrades relate to new buildings and existing upgrades. Depending on the role chosen in MooMoo IO, it makes sense to choose certain buildings and upgrades.
Gold is your ranking points. You can get MooMoo IO rating points by mining gold in gold mines or building a mill. Each mill gives 1 gold per unit of time. An advanced mill produces 2 units of gold. For the struck opponent give 10% of his gold reserves.
Mills obviously need to be protected from marauders and thieves. To do this, build walls, spikes and other buildings. It makes sense to leave a tree, a bush with food and even a stone mine inside the settlement in order to be able to extract resources under the protection of the walls.
In Moo Moo IO there are animals. Some of them are peaceful (pig, cow), but run fast, and some are aggressive (bull, wolf). They run fast too and hit very hard. For hunting animals, traps are used with long-range weapons and spikes that can surround an animal and in which it will slowly but surely die. And if the wolf can be fought 1 on 1 with due skill from the first level, then the bull is very strong. Against him you need to use his slowness. So, if you stand between two closely located resources, the bull will not be able to gore you and will roam around. In the meantime, you can pump, extracting these resources, and then defeat the beast.
Moo Moo IO gold mining is very useful not only because it gives rating points. For gold, you can buy hats and accessories. Some of them are suitable only for fun, some will serve as a good disguise, and some will seriously help in the game, increasing your speed, damage or increase resource extraction. It is absolutely necessary to buy these things, especially considering that when you die, you are revived completely devoid of all the items and resources previously obtained.
For the convenience of playing in a team, clans were introduced into Moo moo io. Clan members do not damage each other and are not affected by the set traps.