Murder on a Full Moon

Have you ever heard that people go crazy during a full Moon? What's actually happens to cause all this madness? Or perhaps, just perhaps, it's all a myth and nothing special ever happens during full moons, just a pure set of circumstances, not related to the moon?! People have theorized for so many years that the Moon has all kinds of impacts on us, as it affects fertility, crime rates, dog attacks, and increases blood loss during surgery and the term used to describe those effects is known as lunar effect, but let's be honest - the science does not approve this happening, simply it is not proven. There are some studies that indicate possible connection but also there are many of them that negate it, so it would be unfair to transfer the guilt to the moon for everything bad that happens when it is full.
It would be also unfair to convict the moon for the murder of the butler that worked in the house of the rich Gilligan's family. The family is really upset because their butler is found in his room, stubbed in the back with a knife, so the investigation should start right away.
The butler was known for his professionalism but also he was known for passion for gambling and many times he was seen in the local casino, wasting his money and aiming for getting the real bet. This is very important information since people who gamble often find themselves in a situation to own money to someone, many times a lot of money! We are not sure about that but that's why we are at the crime scene, prepared to start the investigation and figure it out what exactly has happen in the house on a full moon.