N00b IO completes a range of 3D .io shooters. Stunning graphics with great views, an original set of weapons and the ability to create multiple characters - all inside a Minecraft styled game!

The main task in Noobio, as in any other shooter, is to get frags and get to the highest scores. The more other players you eliminate, the higher you go up in the ranking. It is desirable that while you yourself killed as little as possible.

At this stage, N00b.io is an FFA shooter (every man for himself). So there is no need to respawn at any particular place. You can re-appear in the game in almost any place. Sometimes on the road, sometimes on the roof of the highest building. This gives an understanding of the general geography of the game and its literally three-dimensional. Here you need to be really silent and watch for your enemies not only in plane view, but also look at the heights where the sniper can sit. On any building you can also climb the stairs. The only thing that needs to be done before this – is to stock up on ammunition good!

I must say that there are some disadvantages in Noob io also, in the classical sense, which have to put up with in games of this platform. For example, the inability to shoot simultaneously with the rotation of the mouse. You have to aim, shoot, then move the mouse, aim again and shoot.