N.Y. Rex

The adventures of a dinosaur named Rex continue.
After a powerful destruction in Los Angeles, he was caught and transported to New York on a cargo helicopter.
Here he should have been put in a large cage and carried out with experiments, but it was not meant to happen.
The beast bitted of a piece of chain and broke free.
Now he is in a completely new city - New York.
Rex is very hungry and therefore he must wander around the city in search of food.
Start playing the game from the first level and help this huge dinosaur survive in urban environments.
The game consists of 16 levels, in each of them you need to eat a certain number of people.
Destroy everything in your path, it can be city cars, garbage cans, containers and so on.
For destruction of additional objects you get points.
Be wary of police with weapons, as well as enemies in cars.
Rex has to tear everyone who he meets on his way, because pathetic people deserve it.
New York should turn into a city of ruins, after visiting this fierce lizard!