Panda Clicker

Meet the baby panda. This cute baby just loves to eat.
Our task is to feed him. In the idle game "Panda Clicker" the rules are quite simple. You have to click on the head of the panda and food will fall directly from the sky.
Our furry friend is just crazy about various delicacies.
You will feed the bear chicken legs, boiled eggs, oysters, shrimp and naruto.
Naruto is a traditional dish of Japanese cuisine, which includes mashed fish with white meat. Such snacks would eat everyone!
At first, only chicken and eggs will be available. Since with each click, you not only feed the panda, but also earn money, you can buy other products. Just remember that oysters can only be bought from the fifteenth level, shrimps from the thirty-fifth, and naruto from the sixtieth.
After a tasty lunch you always want to drink. So do not forget to buy panda drinks. Have a nice game!