Pirates vs Undead

A brave team of brave pirates stumbled upon a desert island near St. Kitts. Strange, uninhabited land near the lively and bustling shopping islands. The pirates were extremely surprised, but no less pleased. After all, now they can search the entire island and find the treasures of the archipelago. But free cheese is only in a mousetrap and very soon the pirates will be convinced of this. In the game "Pirates Against the Dead" strange and exciting events will unfold. As soon as the team sets foot on shore, it will realize that they are trapped. This island is known as the Isle of the Dead and blood-chilling rumors circulate about it. Now you have to face face to face with evil and survive. To do this, you must develop winning tactics and expel your pirates to fight the dead. Also, at your disposal will be barrels of gunpowder and bottles of life-giving rum, which in the hands of pirates turns into a weapon. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!