Pizza Cooking With Grandma

It's no secret that the most delicious and unforgettable dishes for us are prepared by our grandmothers.
They have been cooking for their family for many years and every grandmother has a secret of culinary art.
In the game "Cooking Pizza With Grandma", you can cook the most delicious pizza, and Grandma will tell you and open her little secrets.
To begin with, you and I need to find and prepare all the ingredients for an Italian delicacy.
Once you can handle it, then you have to cut vegetables and sausage for the filling.
When everything is ready, you will only have to knead the dough, roll it and send it to the oven.
As soon as the dough is browned it's time to lay out the stuffing and grated cheese.
Then we send all this beauty into the oven and when the pizza is ready we will boldly treat the grandmother.