Popcorn Mania

Do you like popcorn? Do you know how hard it is for sellers to have time to cook it for everyone at once and to file everything in time so that everyone is satisfied and no one leaves?
Sometimes popcorn mania happens in stores when everyone immediately decides to buy it.
Today you will try to satisfy all customers by serving each of them popcorn in the desired container with a certain taste. The cab on the left is the place where popcorn is cooked.
The volume of this cabin is not so large, because sometimes, due to the huge influx of people, it will be necessary to start the popcorn cooking machine again, since it has a tendency to run out.
To start the popcorn cooking process, simply drag the green box with the grains into the glass cabin.
To serve popcorn to the customer, place the desired popcorn box on the shelves marked with numbers.
After adding the desired flavor, serve the customer his portion before he loses patience.