Ric Rococo: International Art Thief

Meet Ric Rococo and his lovely partner named Nancy.
Ric Rococo is a robber known in his circles.
His profile is visual art.
He masterly steals the most famous and expensive pictures of the world right from under the owner’s nose.
His name casts fear and panic on the owners of galleries and museums.
In the game " International Art Thief", you will be the same Ric Rococo.
Your task is to find all the paintings in the zone of reach and transfer them to Nancy.
Rick will go to the picture and quietly take it off the wall, and then go down or go up on the escalator.
Then you have to help him quickly get to the window and give a picture of his partner, who will descend on a cable from a helicopter to the scammers.
Just remember that for everything you have a certain time and not a minute less.
Good luck!