Riddle Transfer 2

Do you guys ever want to meet the aliens face to face? In the game " Riddle Transfer 2" you will succeed.
Four friends were kidnapped by secret agents.
To escape from them, the kids found hiding place in a secret laboratory, where the interdimensional portal was located.
To power it on, you need to help children to activate all the necessary switches and find the code that will open the portal.
First you need to insert the key card into the slot, and then solve the puzzle.
After that, enter the code and go through the portal.
He will take the children to class to class.
And that's where the fun begins.
The aliens want to capture the world, and they started from the school of our friends.
Now the whole school is taken hostage and you need to help the most courageous kid to save his classmates and the whole Earth from a terrible fate.
To do this, you will have to turn on your intellect to full power and cope with all the puzzles and riddles in school.
Enjoy the game and good luck!