Rune Raiders

Rune Raiders is a strategic, turn-based online game.
Here you have to assemble a team of brave heroes and go to the discovery of wild lands, fighting with various monsters and evil. On the way you will meet orcs, sorcerers and other evil enemies.
Buy heroes in the village and proceed to the implementation of missions. Arrange the heroes in a strategically intelligent manner and move through the cells to get to the enemy.
You should play as one well-coordinated team, which you will have to recruit.
You can choose shooters, or powerful warriors. During the game, new characters will become available to you, but their price will be very high.
Each of your warriors runes is unique in its own way, one of them is a strong warrior, another is a well-aimed archer, and the third is a sorcerer who can scare any evil creature encountered on the way.
Each of your heroes moves in certain cells and each of them has its own combat distance. Build heroes in one line and move forward, successfully defeating all enemies.
Go through mission after mission and your warriors will be able to get new abilities. Good luck!