Sift Renegade 3

In the game "Sift Renegade 3" you will plunge into the underworld.
Here are thugs, intrigues and huge money.
This time, you will take part in the sabotage, which is prepared by our old friends Kiro and Vinnie.
Better not cross the road of these guys, otherwise you can regret it.
In the game you have to go to enemy territory.
It will be a very dangerous mission, but it must be completed at all costs.
First you can silently sneak up on the first guard and eliminate him.
But further you will be noticed and many armed to the teeth criminals will try to thrust more than a dozen bullets into Kiro and Vinni.
But our guys are not called legendary renegades and always ready to make a punch.
Try to remove all enemies from your path, improve the characteristics of your character and achieve your final goal.
Enjoy the game and good luck!