Smash Palace

In the game "Smash Palace" you get to the race car competition, where only the strongest cars win! Would you like to participate in this car survival race? Now you have such an opportunity, because you will fight for your life on round arenas, where to win you need not only to survive, but also to destroy all opponents.
And so, start the game, first select the difficulty level Medium, because the Hard will only be available after completing the whole game.
Then proceed to customizing equipment of your car.
You can install different parts on it, including engine improvements, new wheels and even a protective frame, but you need money.

On each car you will need you win on four levels, after that, you will be available to get a second car, but to purchase it you will also need a lot of money.

Go to the arena and complete each of the levels.

You need to fight to the last and ram your opponents until their cars are destroyed.

For final victory, you must be the last survivor.

Like other rivals, your car has a certain amount of life, as well as nitro.

You need to use nitro to develop greater speed, because the more speed, the more damage you do at ramming.

Skilfully control your car, dodge fast and dangerous opponents, as well as other dangers that await you on each of games arenas.

To make racers even more fun, traps and obstacles are set on each map, hitting to which your car will be instantly destroyed.
These traps make it even more interesting, because you can push the enemy to a mine, or under a moving truck.

In further levels, a tank goes to the arena and even a plane flies over, if you happen to stand in their way, you will also be destroyed.

Its quite difficult to survive in this race.

You need to show all your skill, use nitro, pick up various bonuses, pick up repair bonuses for your car in time and always be careful, otherwise you just will be thorn apart.