Snail Bob 8: Island Story

Today you will see the fantastic continuation of Bob's Snail 8: Island Story.
It all started with ordinary fishing, when Bob and his grandfather fished on the shore of the lake. Each of the fishermen dreamed of a big catch.
But suddenly a terrible thing happened and the ice broke and Snail Bob began to float away from his grandfather in an unknown direction.
Soon Bob found himself on an uninhabited island, where his new story begins.
In the game there will be more than 90 levels that you need to pass in order for Snail Bob to get home.
It will not be easy, because at every step there will be many obstacles and dangers in the form of scary animals that are ready to do anything to destroy the poor snail.
In each level you need to think logical and find a way for Bob to come to the exit and not fall into the trap.
Try with all your might and return the Snail Bob back to his home where his family is waiting for him.