Sneak Thief 3: Triple Trouble

In the game "Sneak Thief 3: Triple Trouble", you try on one of the most extraordinary roles in your life.
You will become a real sea treasure hunter.
Your character will be a burglar who robbing sunken or wrecked ships.
This time you will board the submarine.
There are so many interesting things! And many doors are closed, which means that there is definitely something to profit from.
To find all valuable things, you must be very careful and wielding logic, try to find something that is hidden from view.
To get started, look around all the rooms and go through all the corners to find useful items.
For example, a statuette, cards and a flamethrower will help open the iron safe in the main cabin.
Then you have to find a rack for flowers and all the necessary items to run the player in a secret room.
A little logic and observation, and you will succeed.
Have a nice game!