Speeding Wheels

The game "Speeding Wheels" is an excellent race in which the best racers of the world take part.
You will be in the role of one of the racers who decided to compete with them.
The game has the newest and coolest cars, one of which you you can choose to race.

So, all races will be held on specially fenced race tracks, where there are stands for spectators.

Each of the tracks is in completely different countries, because this is a world championship and you take part in it.
Choosing a car and a route you start to race.

In each race four riders take part and you are one of them.

The goal of the race is to drive 3 laps and come to the finish line first, only this way you can earn a victory.
After waiting for the start, push the gas, accelerate the car to maximum speed and get ready for the cool cornering.
Try to keep on the road and do not drive off to the side, otherwise you will lose speed.

Use nitro and you may be able to get around your opponents.