Spongebob Pizza Perfect

Today SpongeBob will cook pizza in his cafe, which he opened after work Krusty Krabs.
Now Sponge works as a cook who makes the most delicious pizza. The modern Sponge Bob pizzeria has become so popular that there is no end to customers.
Now the poor thing Spongebob Squarepants do not know what to do, because he does not have time to serve everyone and cook pizza in time.
In the game, your main task will be to help SpongeBob prepare pizza in order to serve customers in time and get money for the good work for the development of SpongeBob's cafe.
All you have to do is make pizza on time to give it to customers.
When customers come to your cafe, you should immediately remember the order and start cooking. Before you will be a table with the right ingredients, which you will use to make pizzas.
For a start, you will need to impose a filling, then send the pizza to the stove and is ready to serve the customer.
For well you replenished work you will receive tips.