Stickman: Infiltrating the Airship

Henry Stickman is back in business.
In the game "Stickman: Infiltrating the Airship", you will again plunge into the incredible adventures of a nimble thief.
This time he conceived a new crime.
To do this, Henry Stickman and his partner decided to penetrate the airship and seize control.
Well here worries a little mean.
It is necessary to go through many security posts, open code doors, get rid of the warden, and pass unnoticed through the filled conference room.
Well, as we have become accustomed to, Henry Stickman and his assistant always have in stock a lot of ideas and various subjects.
The quick habits of the fraudster have repeatedly brought him victory in many undertakings.
Maybe this time all the plans come out? With a helper like you, victory is guaranteed.
Have a nice game!